What is lining Why does the congregation at Calpurnia’s church sing the hymns by lining?

The congregation at Calpurnia’s church sing their hymns by lining, which is repeating the words and music sung by the hymn -leader. They did not have hymn -books because most of the congregation could not read. How do the congregation of Calpurnia’s church sing their hymns without hymn -books?

Why do the people at Calpurnia’s church sing hymns by call and response?

That her son is literate is important. In addition, they get a first hand sense of the scale of poverty within the town. Many hymns were sung using ” call and response “. In this type of singing, the choir leader and the choir sing a line of a song aloud and then the church congregation sings it back to them.

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What does lining mean in To Kill a Mockingbird?

When Jem and Scout attend the church, they realize that most of the people there can’t read. They don’t have enough money to buy hymnals, so they all repeat the lines that are sung by Calpurnia’s son. This is what it means by linin.

What did Scout learn about why there weren’t any hymn books in Calpurnia’s church?

Lining is a technique used where the leader sings the first line of a song, and the congregation carols the same line back. Calpurnia tells Scout that it wouldn’t make much sense to have hymnals in their church because the majority of the congregation cannot read.

What explanation does Cal give for talking the way she did?

Cal then explains to Scout that it aggravates people when someone knows more than they do. Instead of trying to showcase her excellent English by articulating each word, Cal finds it better to speak like the rest of her community members so she doesn’t upset them. This conversation is especially crucial for Scout.

Why does it surprise Scout and Jem when Atticus shoots a mad dog?

In Chapter 11, Atticus shoots a mad ( rabid ) dog in the street. When Scout and Jem learn that their father is known as the best shot in the entire county, they learn to see Atticus with a greater sense of respect. In a larger symbolic sense, the dog, because it has rabies, is a dangerous threat to the community.

Why did Atticus quit hunting?

Atticus is a tolerant, sympathetic man who exercises humility. The fact that he stopped shooting because he felt it was unfair displays his empathy toward other living beings.

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What method do the members of first purchase use to sing?

How do the people at First Purchase sing hymns without hymn books or instruments? A person at the front sings a line, and the rest of the church sings it after him. This is called “lining”.

Why does Atticus go down to the jail?

Atticus goes to the jail that night to protect Tom Robinson from potential harm. Scout, Jem, and Dill protect Atticus by following him there. Jem refuses to leave when he sees that the men are threatening his father.

What did Jem and Scout’s decision to sit in the colored balcony at the trial say about them?

By sitting in the balcony, Jem and Scout can feel the distinction between ” colored ” folks and white folks. They are reminded that life is not fair for folks of color in Maycomb.

Why does Calpurnia speak differently in church than she does at home?

Calpurnia speaks differently in her church to because it would “aggravate” the people there if she spoke the way she does among white people – members would think she was “putting on airs”, trying to act better than them (Chapter 12).

What does Jem and Scout’s visit to Calpurnia’s church teach them about Cal’s life?

Jem and Scout learn that just as some white citizens show prejudice in Maycomb, so do some black citizens. As Jem and Scout approach the church with Calpurnia, they are at first greeted respectfully. They also learn that church is conducted differently in the black community. They sing without hymnbooks.

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Why do Dill and Scout think Boo Radley never left?

Why do Dill and Scout think Boo Radley never left? He had no place to go. He had no money of his own. He could not read and write.

Why does Aunt Alexandra not allow Calpurnia’s home?

Aunt Alexandra objects to Scout’s going to the home of Calpurnia because it is not in accordance with proper behavior. One night after supper as Atticus reads his newspaper, Scout asks him about a topic which Calpurnia suggested she ask her father.

What do we learn from Dill’s account of his running away?

From Dill’s account of why he has run away, the reader learns that Dill is neglected. That he feels unwanted becomes clear when Dill begs Atticus not to make him go back to Meridian and when he “shivered like a rabbit” at the sound of his Aunt Rachel’s ” Do —oo Je—sus” coming down the hall towards him.

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