Is Father Ray Kelly singing?

Singing priest and ex-Britain’s Got Talent star Fr Ray Kelly is finished with TV talent shows and says he’s sticking with clerical duties. SINGING cleric Father Ray Kelly has revealed he is finished with TV talent shows.

Where is Father Ray Kelly now?

Westmeath, native spends the majority of his time working in his parish in Oldcastle, Co. Westmeath. But when he is not at the altar, 62-year-old Fr Ray is on stage across the world performing to his fans – and he has just released his second studio album.

How much is Father Ray Kelly worth?

Father Ray Kelly’s revenue is $370 in 2019. Father Ray Kelly Net Worth 2019.

Month Earnings
December 2019 $44 -$51


Did Father Ray Kelly make it to the finals?

Father Ray Kelly has made it through to the Britain’s Got Talent semi- finals. He auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent earlier this year, where he left judges and viewers alike with his rendition of R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts. Simon Cowell even ended up calling it “one of my favourite ever auditions.”

Who are the singing priests?

The Priests are a classical musical group, made up of three Roman Catholic priests from the Diocese of Down and Connor in Northern Ireland. Fr. Eugene and his brother Fr.

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What did Ray Kelly do?

Director International Police Monitors Kelly served as Director of the International Police Monitors of the Multinational Force in Haiti from October 1994 through March 1995. This U.S.-led force was responsible for ending human rights abuses and establishing an interim police force there.

Is Father Ray Kelly a Catholic priest?

Raymond Kelly, S.P.S. (born 25 April 1953) is an Irish Catholic priest best known for his interpretation of popular songs. He is the priest of St. Mary‚Ä≤s parish at Oldcastle, County Meath, Ireland, and a member of Saint Patrick’s Society for the Foreign Missions.

What songs did Father Ray Kelly sing on BGT?

Earlier this year, he auditioned for Britain’s Got Talent, where he impressed both judges and viewers with his rendition of Everybody Hurts from R.E.M.

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