What is the religion of the hoppers?

The Hoppers (until 1981: Hopper Brothers and Connie) are a Southern Gospel group from North Carolina. The Hoppers are a family ensemble which first began performing together in 1957.

The Hoppers
Origin North Carolina
Genres Southern Gospel
Years active 1957–present
Website thehoppers.com

Are the hoppers still singing together?

Originally formed in 1957 in rural Madison, North Carolina, today the Hoppers are comprised today of Claude & Connie Hopper, and son Mike, son Dean, his wife, Kim and their daughter Karlye. They have grown continuously for decades, touching countless lives around the world.

Is Claude Hopper of the hoppers still alive?

HOPPER CLAUDE Sadly passed away on April 10th, aged 92 years.

Who are the members of the Hoppers gospel group?

These days, members of the group include Claude and Connie Hopper and their son Mike Hopper, their other son Dean Hopper and his wife Kim. Also joining them on stage is Dean and Kim’s daughter Karlye Hopper.

Is Connie Hopper sick?

Connie Hopper survived breast cancer 35 years ago, and now the disease has once again reared its ugly head in her life. The Hoppers are a Southern Gospel family ensemble which first began performing together in 1957. They won awards for Mixed Vocal Group at the Southern Gospel Music Awards in 1982 and 1983.

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What happened Dean Hopper?

As most of you know, Dean suffered two strokes in December of last year due to a physical anomaly. Born with only one vertebral artery carrying blood to the brain and it, doctors say, narrowed to 50% use for most of his life, Dean is a blessed man to have not been affected by this at a much younger age.

Who is Claude Hopper?

Claude Hopper is a prideful, arrogant and stupid kangaroo who often brags his hopping abilities, oblivious that he becomes a subject of ridicule by two sadistic little Scottish rabbits. He was voiced by Pinto Colvig, the original voice of Walt Disney’s Goofy.

How much is Kim Hopper worth?

Kim Hopper NET WORTH Thus, evaluating the income stream of hers, Kim Hopper’s net worth can be estimated at around $900,000-$1,000,000.

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