What religion is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?

Brooklyn Tabernacle is an evangelical non-denominational megachurch located at 17 Smith Street at the Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn, New York City.

Brooklyn Tabernacle
Location New York City
Country United States
Denomination Non-denominational Christian
Website brooklyntabernacle.org

Who makes up the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir is directed by Carol Cymbala, the wife of Pastor Jim Cymbala. The 280-voice choir, which for the most part is composed of vocally untrained church members, has recorded three videos, three DVDs and numerous albums, winning five Dove Awards and six Grammy Awards.

How did the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir get started?

The choir started 40 years ago with just nine members of a struggling nondenominational church housed in a rundown building on Atlantic Avenue near where the Barclays Center now sits.

Where does the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir perform?

Founded in 1965, the nondenominational Brooklyn Tabernacle church boasts 10,000 members, including a 280-member choir. The ensemble performs each Sunday in the 4,000-seat former Loew’s Metropolitan movie house in downtown Brooklyn.

Does the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir get paid?

Do choir and orchestra members get paid for their service? No. All 360 members of The Tabernacle Choir and all 110 members of the Orchestra at Temple Square are unpaid volunteers who practice and perform weekly.

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Who founded the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir?

When pastor Jim Cymbala and his wife Carol came to the Brooklyn Tabernacle in 1972, the church consisted of 15-20 people. Carol started a choir about a year later with nine people.

Does Carol Cymbala read music?

Although she cannot read or write music, the Lord has given her a special gift that helps her to play from her heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. Twenty years and many albums later, recordings and live performances continue to carry the choir’s sound and the Gospel’s message to people all over the world.

Is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir still performing?

The 2020 Heritage Tour has been postponed until 2021. More details will be published in a few weeks. The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra at Temple Square, originally scheduled to tour six cities in four Nordic countries and the United Kingdom from June 25 – July 16, 2020, has been postponed until 2021.

Where does Jim Cymbala live?

He is also the author of the bestselling titles Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire; Fresh Faith; Fresh Power; Breakthrough Prayer; The Life God Blesses; The Church God Blesses; and The Promise of God’s Power. He lives in New York City with his wife, Carol, who directs the Grammy Award-winning Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir.

How big is the Brooklyn Tabernacle Church?

The Brooklyn Tabernacle is a multicultural, non-denominational church in the heart of Downtown Brooklyn. The church began with a handful of members in a small, rundown building in a difficult area of the city, and today it is a congregation of about ten thousand people who attend the weekly services.

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