Whose report shall we believe we shall believe the report of the Lord?

“Jesus has given us authority over the power of the enemy and nothing shall in anyway harm us (Luke 10:17-19).” Let God be true and every man a liar. Whose report shall you believe? I shall believe the report of the Lord.

Is Isaiah 53 about Jesus?

One of the first claims in the New Testament that Isaiah 53 is a prophecy of Jesus comes from the Book of Acts, in which its author (who is also the author of Luke’s Gospel), describes a scene in which God commands Philip the Evangelist to approach an Ethiopian eunuch who is sitting in a chariot, reading aloud to

Who has believed our report sermon?

In contrast to this optimistic idea of our so-called free will, we have the words of Isaiah: “ Who has believed our report?” The answer is: no one. Humanly speaking, no one has believed, and no one can believe the gospel. Faith is not hard for men, it’s impossible.

What does Isaiah say about Jesus?

Isaiah 53:5 Isaiah 53 is probably the most famous example claimed by Christians to be a messianic prophecy fulfilled by Jesus. It speaks of one known as the “suffering servant,” who suffers because of the sins of others. Jesus is said to fulfill this prophecy through his death on the cross.

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Why did Jesus die for us?

But why did Jesus die? For them the death of Jesus was part of a divine plan to save humanity. The death and resurrection of this one man is at the very heart of the Christian faith. For Christians it is through Jesus’s death that people’s broken relationship with God is restored.

Why Jesus was rejected in his hometown?

According to Luke 9:51-56, when Jesus entered a Samaritan village, he was not welcomed, because he was going on to Jerusalem. His disciples wanted to call down fire from heaven on the village but Jesus reprimanded them and they continued on to another village.

Who has believed our report and to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed?

Isaiah 53:1 says, “ Who has believed our report? And to whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed?” We know that not everyone believes the Word of God.

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