Where does Mrs Gibbs go?

Mrs. Gibbs says that if she does decide to sell the highboy, she hopes to live out the “dream of [her] life” and travel to Paris for a visit.

How can you tell that the residents of Grover’s Corners are church going people?

How can you tell that the residents are ” church going “? Tells about death of Dr. Gibbs, Mrs Gibbs, and Joe Crowell. Also talks about how the automobile is coming in 5 years.

What does Dr Gibbs say happened in Polish town?

Doc Gibbs passes Joe Crowell, Jr, the paper boy, and in answer to Joe’s question, the doctor explains that he has been out all night delivering twins over in ” Polish Town ” The Stage Manager interrupts to explain that Joe Crowell will be one of the brightest boys ever to graduate from Grover’s Corners and will be

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What does Mr Webb D for a living?

Mr. Webb is a father, husband, and the editor of the local paper. Mr. Webb is also the political and social expert that the Stage Manager calls on to contextualize Grover’s Corners for the audience.

How did Mrs Gibbs Die?

Mrs. Gibbs died of pneumonia in Canton, Ohio while visiting Rebecca and her husband. Mrs. Gibbs greets Emily when she enters the cemetery.

How does Emily die in our town?

Emily has died from giving birth to her second child. She goes to the cemetery plot where her body will rest. Emily sits next to Mrs. Emily wishes to return back to the cemetery.

Does the Gibbs family own the blanket factory?

It is false that the Gibbs family owns the blanket factory. It is Mr. Cartwright who owns the blanket factory.

What does the stage manager ask Mr Webb to speak about?

After Mr. Webb finishes his report, the Stage Manager asks if anyone in the audience has any questions for Mr. Webb. When a Woman in the Balcony asks how much drinking goes on in Grover’s Corners, Mr.

What is the population of Grover’s Corner?

Our Town is set in the fictional town of Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire ( population: 2,642). Key scenes take place at the Gibbs and Webb houses, a drugstore counter, and the town cemetery.

What happened to Joe Crowell?

Joe Crowell, Jr. A scholar at Massachusetts Tech, he is killed in France during World War I before he can use his education.

Who is Dr Gibbs in Our Town?

Doc Gibbs is a father, a husband, and the town doctor. This, if nothing else, speaks to the size of Grover’s Corners: only one doctor is needed.

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What is the point of the first act in our town?

What seems to be the point of the first act? The point is to introduce the characters and show them in their daily lives doing nothing special, just living in an ordinary day.

Who gets nervous before the wedding our town?

Emily and George’s nervousness at the drugstore counter mirrors their wedding day jitters. Although the idea of a wedding suggests that the two young people should have matured, Emily and George remain childlike in their anxiousness.

What did Emily and George buy with Mrs Gibbs legacy money?

As the audience will learn in Act 3, poor Mrs. Gibbs will get the money but never get to take the trip. Instead, she will leave the $350 to George and Emily, who will use it to buy a cement drinking fountain for their livestock. It’s poignant that Mrs.

Who is the antagonist in our town?

This makes me think that the protagonist is not so much one character but all of the humans who are presented in this play, and that the antagonist is death, who cuts their lives short and ends their existence.

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