How many people are in the Kingdom Choir?

A young, vibrant group of up to 20 singers managed by experienced singer/director Karen Gibson, whose credits include backing vocals with such celebrities as Grace Kennedy and The Beautiful South. Kingdom Choir have performed extensively on TV and for many advertisements, corporate launches etc.

How do I contact the Kingdom Choir?

The Kingdom Choir Management If you have any questions on how to use our service, you can contact: [email protected] Book The Kingdom Choir.

Which choir sang at the Royal Wedding?

The most notable example of this might be London gospel singers the Kingdom Choir, who performed just one song at the royal wedding (and a bit of an encore as Harry and Meghan exited the church) and found themselves caught up in a “rollercoaster” as the world reacted to their music.

How did the Kingdom choir became famous?

The Kingdom Choir is a British gospel choir based in London. It was founded by choir conductor and workshop leader Karen Gibson. After performing for more than 20 years, the choir became world- famous after being invited to perform at the wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

How old is Karen Gibson?

Choir conductor and workshop leader Karen Gibson, 56, lives in Southwest London.

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Who sang at the Royal Wedding William and Kate?

Ellie Goulding, the Herefordshire pop star, sang at the Royal Wedding Reception in Buckingham Palace. The Starry Eyed singer performed in front of Kate Middleton, Prince William and their guests.

Who sang at Meghan and Harrys wedding?

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex hired The Kingdom Choir to perform. August 05, 2020 – 16:15 BST Bridie Wilkins. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s lead wedding singer has spoken out about their big day.

Who sang at Prince Harry’s wedding?

WATCH: Relive the highlights from Harry and Meghan’s wedding Extracts from the book serialised in PEOPLE magazine, reveal that the newlyweds “were joyful on the big day – with their first dance to ‘I’m in Love’ by ’60s soul singer Wilson Pickett. Meghan also delivered her own toast at the reception.”

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