What are the fundamental attributes of Gothic architecture as evidenced in the Abbey of Saint-Denis and Chartres Cathedral?

Its characteristic features include the pointed arch, the ribbed vault and the flying buttress. What Romans called Gothic at the time (early), thought Gothic was barbaric.

What architectural feature distinguishes English Gothic cathedrals from those built in France?

What architectural feature distinguishes English Gothic cathedrals from those built in France? A tower at the crossing served as the focal point. ___________help support nave vaults by transferring their outward thrust over the aisles to massive, free-standing upright external buttresses.

What was so innovative about the design of the new ambulatory and choir at St Denis?

Suger’s great innovation in the new choir was the replacement of the heavy dividing walls in the apse and ambulatory with slender columns, so that the interior of that part of the church was filled with light.

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What was Abbot Suger’s primary goal?

What was Abbot Suger’s primary goal, based on his reading of religious texts by the Pseudo-Dionysius, for the redesign of the Abbey Church. What makes a comeback in Italian sculpture with the pulpit at Pisa?

What is the most important element in Gothic architecture?

The most fundamental element of the Gothic style of architecture is the pointed arch, which was likely borrowed from Islamic architecture that would have been seen in Spain at this time. The pointed arch relieved some of the thrust, and therefore, the stress on other structural elements.

What are the three basic elements of the Gothic style?

The pointed arch, rib vault and flying buttress are three of the main features of Gothic architecture.

What is the most important development in architecture in Gothic French?

The Gothic style originated in France with the choir of the Basilique Saint-Denis, built by Abbot Suger and dedicated in June 1144. The lancet, a pointed arch, was the most crucial development of the Early Gothic period (c. 1180–1250), resulting in graceful buildings with thinner walls and more light.

What characterizes German Gothic churches?

Gothic structures had a vertical emphasis, with pointed arches and large stained glass windows. Walls were supported by external arched flying buttresses that allowed for greater height. Gothic churches sometimes included spires, tall tapered structures on top of roofs or towers.

Who invented the Gothic style?

Gothic architect Hugues Libergier first began developing the style in the Abbey church of Saint Nicaise in Reims, France around 1231.

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What was Suger’s purpose in reconstructing the Abbey Church of Saint Denis quizlet?

Terms in this set (14) What was Suger’s purpose in reconstructing the Abbey Church of Saint – Denis? He wanted to create a work of art worthy of the church’s holy treasures.

Is Saint Denis dangerous?

Ever since, the 93 is regarded as a somewhat dangerous place where is it easy to find drugs and arms. Seine Saint Denis has had its fair share of riots, police vs gangs wars, police brutality… Times change and have always changed. Lots of people get out of this neighbourhood or stay and transform it.

Where did the Gothic style originate?

The Gothic style of architecture and art originated in the Middle Ages and was prevalent in Europe between the mid-12th century and the 16th century. It was heavily ornate and conceptual, with its architecture characterised by high buildings, intricate aesthetics, cavernous spaces and expansive walls.

Was Abbot Suger an architect?

Suger, (born 1081, near Paris—died Jan. 13, 1151), French abbot and adviser to kings Louis VI and VII whose supervision of the rebuilding of the abbey church of Saint-Denis was instrumental in the development of the Gothic style of architecture.

Is considered the father of the Gothic period?

Abbot Suger is considered by many to be the father of Gothic Architecture.

What inspired Abbot Suger’s new style?

The new styles and structures used by Suger to redesign St. Denis marked the emergence of Gothic style in France. Abbot was deeply inspired by beauty and splendour in his designs and wished to commemorate his love for his God and religion through his artistic works.

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