What do drummers mean by chops?

So, what are drum chops? Drum chops describe a drummer’s technical ability to play the drums. A player that has great chops has a lot of freedom over how they express themselves. They can play very fast, very precisely and with great variety.

How do I make chop faster?

You’ll be surprised how much easier it’ll be for you to play at faster tempos. Practice parts slow, and once you develop control, take it up a notch. For Example you can play your double-beat exercise at 60bpm, after you can develop control and make both hands play alike, take it up 10 bpm to 70bpm.

What is a lick in drums?

Drum lick. any manner or combination of rudiments or stickings, used for a particular fill, sound, or pattern on a drum set.

What do you call a drum riff?

lick – drum lick or short drum fill. A lick can also be a quick “ riff ” or fancy beat. linear drumming – linear drumming refers to beats or fills that incorporating stickings not usually played together.

What is the drum equivalent of a riff?

Grooves and fills are the main components of the music played on a drum kit, and together with basic techniques or rudiments such as flams make up the curriculum for learning to play the drum kit. To a drummer, a groove is the drumming equivalent of a riff to a guitarist.

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How do you make drum grooves?

15 Tips for Writing Drum Beats for New Songs

  1. Play the “Money Beat.”
  2. Take away a kick drum.
  3. Take away a snare drum.
  4. Double the guitar or piano rhythm.
  5. Change the Cymbal sound.
  6. Add a syncopated snare drum hit.
  7. Play a march.
  8. Support the backbeat with a tom.
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