How do I record my church service audio?

The simplest way to record a church service is going to be to use a digital recorder. These handy little devices are very cost-effective and it won’t take a lot of head scratching to figure out how to use it. You can place the digital recorder near the pulpit and set it to record before the sermon is set to begin.

What is needed to live stream a church service?

Live Streaming Equipment for Church

  • Choosing a live streaming computer. While there are ways to stream directly from a camera or capture device, the simplest streaming solutions use a computer as a hub to pull everything together.
  • Internet Connection.
  • Camera.
  • Audio Interface.
  • Software for live streaming.

How can I improve my livestream audio?


  1. Mic choice/placement (headset vs. lapel)
  2. Invest in quality gear.
  3. Pay attention to acoustics and noise sources (HVAC noise, creaking floor, hard-sole shoes on a hard stage)
  4. Mix your broadcast audio separately — don’t use the main house output of the live sound console.
  5. Compress.
  6. Monitor the streaming feed.

How do you record Church messages?

The simplest way to do this for the best results, I think is to use a portable handheld digital recorder.

  1. Audio equipment – using a handheld digital recorder.
  2. Suitable external microphones.
  3. Church sermon recording gear and setup.
  4. Worship music production.
  5. Record to a computer from mixing desk.
  6. Mix a service to CD.
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